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I accidentally came across Expats on the Move and I am so glad that I did! Our move to the Netherlands would not have been so easy without the help of Sanne! We found a house online when still in South Africa and as soon as we told Sanne that we liked it, she made quick arrangements with the agent to view it asap and sent us a video too. Sanne has been so patient with us, empathises with her clients and wants the best outcome for them. No questions are too much for Sanne to handle and she explains everything very clearly, every step of the way. Thank you Sanne for making us feel so welcomed to the Netherlands!

Fam van Staden

October 2020

We know Sanne as a very reliable, knowledgable and professional person. Her large network within the real estate world has been of great help getting information and opportunities that one would never got access to without her. We are very thankful to Sanne and recommend Expats on the Move to all our private and professional connections, enabling them to spend time on different things than just relocating!

Fam ten Boom

July 2020

Working with Sanne on our relocation to Haarlem from the US was a terrific experience! The house market was complicated during the pandemic and we couldn’t visit the NL. Sanne helped us find the house we needed, she understood immediately what we were looking for and found a place fitting with our needs and expectations. She’s always been extremely helpful and responsive, during normal and extraordinary hours, to keep us updated with the process and respond to our (too many) questions. She helped us negotiate better deals and found great solutions on each issues we encountered along the way. Sanne is extremely proactive and professional, kind and straightforward, and we will definitely recommend her to other expats in the need of finding a place in the Netherlands. Great experience!

Ilaria and Alessio

July 2020

We tried searching for our first home in the Netherlands for about 6-8 months on our own without any success – lots of bids, but no wins. We met Sanne through friends and started working with her in March 2020 and on 1 May 2020 we signed the papers on our first house. Sanne was a joy to work with and she really knows her stuff! We are Americans living in Amsterdam and not only was she a fantastic translator, she also has a great grasp on the ever-changing Dutch housing market. Sanne was able to negotiate us lower rates on almost every service to buy the house (technical inspector, notary, etc). We cannot recommend working with Sanne enough.

Dani & Tori

May 2020

I would come to the Netherlands in March this year. Because Covid19 this had been postponed. After I came into contact with Sanne, she kept me informed of the developments. She advised me to wait a while to find a rental property until I was sure to come to the Netherlands. When I had a ‘GO’ Sanne arranged a rental home with all my preferences in Hoofddorp within 2 weeks. Also she took care for all utilities and insurances, Dutch bankaccount and phone number. Thank you very much for everything!


May 2020

I just received this message from a friend who I introduced to Sanne and this must be shared for others:
‘ She is customer-friendly, service-oriented with quick responses, committed and very sweet, thank you for bringing Sanne into my life. OUR OFFER IS ACCEPTED! ‘

March 2020

We are extremely happy with Expats on the move and can not recommend them enough!
Very informative, extremely helpful, always willing to go that extra mile to ensure you as a client is satisfied. Very professional, quick to to respond and all with a warm and friendly attitude. They helped us with everything form A to Z, everything was translated and explained to the last detail.
With Expats on the move, everything is taken care of and you have a friend on the other side always ready to help where they can.
M. Roets & N. Coetzee

March 2020

Sanne was recommended to me by a good friend. I provided her with a long list of requirements and she actively listened and provided realistic advice. She was quick to respond to email inquires and was always early to meet me before we viewed an apartment together. Her ability to speak Dutch during the viewings was invaluable. Even after I had found my perfect apartment, she continued to assist and provide support. I highly recommend Sanne for other expats looking for an apartment in this challenging rental market.

H. Bray

March 2020

For my work I came to the Netherlands last December. I was looking for a rental house in Hoofddorp. This turned out not to be very easy. Through a colleague I came in contact with Sanne. Which was very pleasant from the beginning. She has taken care of everything to find a house. Within a month I had the key to my new home and my wife and daughter could also come to the Netherlands. We still have a lot to discover here in Hoofddorp, but I know I can call Sanne if needed.

J. Williams

January 2020

Mr. Nooy has moved to Hoofddorp recently, I helped him with finding a new apartment, with sport facilities and he wanted to meet new people. 

‘Your help is fantastic and I will meet new people in the short term. Thank you for all your advice and help. Maybe we will meet again!
K. Nooy

December 2019

‘I lived on my own in a large family house. My wife died three years earlier. I started struggling to keep everything clean. Sanne helped me with a home exchange through Ymere (council). A viewing was arranged quickly and I already saw myself in my new apartment. After the first viewing the rest was arranged quickly. Sanne has taken care of the correct documentation, after which the rental agreement, inspection and key transfer followed. I moved house in one day. This causes stress. Many things had to be sorted out and cleaned up in my old house. Sanne arranged a storage box in the neighborhood so that I got more rest to empty the house in advance. On the day of the move itself, Sanne ensured that everything went according to plan. Also, I’ve asked Sanne a few weeks ago, Sanne also helped me sort out a lease car. I read that there was a Volkswagen sale with an attractive price. I’m never good with small letters in contracts. So I needed help with this. I had a carmodel and color in my head. Sanne called all Volkswagen dealers who participated in this sale to see if the car was still available. Luckily this turned out to be the case and she arranged everything in detail for me. I no longer have to worry about car insurance, road tax and maintenance for the upcoming years. I’m therefore very happy with the help I received from Sanne.’

D. Gortzak

December 2019

‘I was forced to find a home on short term. Not only has Sanne succeeded, but also exactly the apartment in the right place I wanted. Sanne has listened to my wishes from the first conversation and she has helped me with all administrative matters, which already made me nervous when I thought about it. Starting with going through the rental agreement (totally not understandable to me). Sanne explained what my rights and obligations are as a tenant and what those are of the landlord. She helped me with the signing of the rental contract and with further contact for inspection and key transfer. I also had to arrange new contracts for gass, electricity and insurances for my new house. Sanne looked at the best offers with the best conditions in my situation. She helped with the conclusion and made sure that I now have all the policies and conditions in a well-arranged folder. She also helped with a part of home furnishing. I am very happy with the end result and I am completely ‘at home without worries’. She is not only skilled in her work but also very pleasant to spend time with. If I need help again I know where to find her.’

A. Zandvliet

November 2019

After having a baby, our two bedroom apartment had became too small. Because we both have our own business, we have little time to ourselves. Sanne helped us find the right real estate agent for the sale of our apartment. We didn’t know what we wanted after the sale because house prices are very high at the moment. Sanne advised us to rent for a while until we had made a decision. Tudorpark district in Hoofddorp was under construction at that time. Single-family homes were available for rent there. Because we applied for a house at the right time we had plenty of choice. Of course we had a wish list. Sanne listened well to this and responded to it (price, location, number of bedrooms etc.). Sanne took on all the administration regarding the real estate agent and the landlord. Shortly after that we received a message that we had the house! This even was our preferred home. Sanne has given us excellent advice in selling our home and finding a new home for us. Very nice!’

M. van den Broek

October 2019